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Sell Your Jewellery For The Best Price!

Would you like to sell your jewellery for the best possible price? Then sell your jewellery to us! If you are selling jewellery, we are the jewellers that offer the best prices.

We are one of the Countries most active buyers of second-hand Gold Jewellery. If you would like to sell gold jewellery, then we are the people you need to be talking to.

We are proud of our reputation for consistently paying the highest prices, providing a friendly, expert service & paying faster than any other Jeweller.

Imagine – If you send your Jewellery today, you will receive your money tomorrow.

Are you Selling Jewellery?

What sets us apart, is that we pay prices ‘over & above’ the intrinsic metal value for many items of Jewellery, which is why customers have been seeking us out for years.

If you wish to sell items such as old Engagement Rings, Diamond Rings, Eternity Rings, Solitaire Stones, Necklaces & Earrings, then please ring us.

We also pay the insured P&P of your goods to our offices – which means you are fully covered & have complete ‘peace of mind’ during the transaction.

Our company is staffed with friendly experts, easy to deal with and every offer we make carries no obligation.

FAST CASH, GUARANTEED – To sell your jewellery, simply Ring Paul on 07575 76 72 62

Which Jewellery Items Do We Buy?

We buy any Jewellery that contains Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, Rubies,  Emeralds, or Precious Stones. For example:

  • Sell your old Gold Jewellery, old Engagement or Diamond Rings etc.
  • Necklaces, Earrings, Charms & Bracelets etc.

What We Don’t Buy

We do not accept Jewellery that does not contain any precious metals or any gold or silver plated items.

So, how do you sell your jewellery?

To sell your jewellery, simply email or ring him on 07575 76 72 62 & tell us which Jewellery items you wish to sell.

Once we understand what you are selling, we will provisionally agree on a price with you.

Next, simply package up your Jewellery and send it to our South Wales office address below. Use an Insured Delivery Service, such as Royal Mail Special Delivery, which fully protects you against any risk of loss & gives you ‘peace of mind’.

We reimburse all your postage costs.

Send to: Buy Bullion Coins,

P.O. Box 136,


Gwent NP44 9DA

Once we have received & inspected your items, we will pay you by Direct Bank Transfer or Cheque (if you prefer).

If you opt for a Direct Bank Transfer, you will receive your payment, the same day we receive the goods.

A ‘no fuss’, quick & easy transaction.

Join our group of satisfied Customers!

To sell gold jewellery

Ring Paul on 07575 76 72 62 & turn your old jewellery into Cash!