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Hello, we are one of the Countries most active gold buyers. We are a leading ‘Cash for Gold’ company. Indeed we have been gold buyers, long before the ‘Cash for Gold’ term was ever invented!

We are proud of our reputation as the gold buyer who consistently pays the highest prices (higher than other Cash for Gold companies), provides an expert friendly service & pays faster than any other gold buyers. Indeed, we have a price match guarantee – which means we will match or beat any legitimate, current online offer you may receive.

When we buy your gold, we pay for the Royal Mail Insured Special Delivery of your goods to our offices.

This means you are fully ‘covered’ & have complete ‘peace of mind’ during the transaction.

Gold Buyers

As a gold buyer, we also like to purchase old jewellery (Sell Jewellery).

When we buy jewellery – and this is the distinction between us and other Cash for Gold businesses – we pay a higher price than the intrinsic gold value. This is because, our jewellers often repair or re-work the gold jewellery, so it can be re-sold. For that reason, we offer higher prices when we purchase jewellery than other Cash for Gold companies or pawnbrokers.

We buy large quantities of gold coins, as we make a market in both Gold Sovereigns (Buy Gold Sovereigns) & Gold Krugerrands (Buy Krugerrands). If you wish to sell gold coins, please get in contact with us.

It is a matter of pride that we pay the best prices for all gold products.

Indeed it is the main reason we have been successfully trading for over 30 years.

So, please contact us, with whatever gold, jewellery or gold coins you wish to sell.

We are friendly, easy to deal with and every offer we make carries no obligation.

Your UK Gold Buyer

Ring Paul on 07575 76 72 62