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Buy Bullion Coins – Our Story

“Buy Bullion Coins” is the web incarnation of our South Wales based coin & Jewellery business. We are long established suppliers of Gold Sovereigns, Coins & Bullion products to the UK market. We are familiar ‘faces’ at coin shows, up and down the Country, where you may have met us, or you may ‘know’ us, from our long standing Adverts and Features in Coin News Magazine.

We are a family run business, which we think, gives us an edge in the Modern World, and have over 30 years of experience in dealing in Jewellery, Coins and especially in Gold Sovereigns.

Why Choose Us

The purpose of this website is to enable our customers from across the UK, to buy from us in a straight forward & secure manner. As we specialise in Sovereigns, we buy in bulk. This means we can offer highly competitive prices, and pass on the savings to our customers.

An important point that you will see mentioned on this site, is the quality of the coins we sell: A lot of bullion dealers, sell coins at very low prices.Unfortunately, these coins are often so badly worn, that when the time comes for the customer to re-sell them, they struggle.

We NEVER sell badly worn coins. The lowest grade we sell is ‘Fine’ condition for Shield Sovereigns and up to ‘Brilliant Uncirculated’ for modern bullion issues. Everything we sell, can be re-sold (ideally back to us), at a future date. This gives you ‘peace of mind’

In addition to our customer service, and exceptional knowledge, we always ship by FREE fully insured next day delivery as standard. This gives you greater peace of mind, and means all our prices are ‘transparent’. The price you see, is the price you pay.

Why Sovereigns?

If you look around the websites of nearly all the UK coin and bullion dealers, you will see the same recommendation to customers…’Buy sovereigns’ So, why? Well, the first point for any UK based buyer, is that all investment gold is ‘zero rated’ for V.A.T. Meaning, it is ‘VAT free’.

This is a big point, as silver bullion coins, encounter a 20% VAT charge.

The second point is that unlike gold ingots and ‘foreign’ gold coins, such as Krugerrands, British gold coins are classed as a “Coin Of The Realm” and are Capital Gains Tax free.

In other words, you do not have to pay CGT on any profit you may make. For this reason we recommend that the best way for a UK individual to purchase gold is via British gold coins – and particularly, the gold sovereign.

The gold Sovereign is the most common of the British gold coins, and possesses a market which is highly liquid. This is important, as it means it is easy to resell your coins at a future date. Additionally the coins relatively small size, compared to other bullion coins, makes selling in lower quantities easier.

Indeed trades involving just one coin are routine.

The only drawback to gold sovereigns is that they do trade at a small premium (typically 2%) to Krugerrands. This of course, may seem like a small amount to pay for preventing a potentially significant tax bill in the future.

Gold Sovereigns

Now we have narrowed down the choices, we believe there are two types of gold sovereign for you to consider.

We offer both these coins for sale on this site – the only decision you have to make is which one to buy (though we have noticed that over time our customers tend to buy both). The two types are:

  1. The conventional ‘Bullion’ Gold Sovereign
  2. Victorian ‘Shield’ Sovereign

Conventional ‘Bullion’ Gold Sovereign

These give you ‘the most gold for your money’, in the Sovereign range, while preserving all the benefits previously described.  BUY ‘BULLION’ GOLD SOVEREIGNS

Victorian ‘Shield’ Sovereign

These are slightly more expensive than normal bullion sovereigns but offer far greater potential for collector driven demand. This is what American bullion websites refer to as the ‘collector premium’.

We consider Victorian ‘Shield’ Sovereigns to be the ‘best buy’ in the Gold Sovereign range. BUY VICTORIAN ‘SHIELD’ SOVEREIGNS